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Oversized Cargoustom House Clearing

Afghanistan the country which at present has all International recognition for rebuilding. Pakistan since last four decades has all the advantageous in the cross border transit trade and can play a very major role in providing multi-modal logistics in the rebuilding and constructions having all the access of Air/Sea and Rail/Road transportation to the war-ravaged country. We are involve in multi modal transportation, customs clearance, handling and forwarding of transit cargo into Afghanistan, specializing ourselves in Heavy Lifts and awkward cargo, we can be of advice to you if you have queries for over dimensions packages.

What we need is simple, if you can develop traffic via Pakistan to Kabul and other cities of Afghanistan, we can cater for all your logistics at a very competitive rates covering all risks and ensuring safe passage throughout Afghanistan and safe delivery of your cargo to the Customs station at Kabul .

For your kind information, we have till date handled quite substantial movement into Afghanistan and are fully aware of the prevailing law and order situation, inside Afghanistan, which adds to our information and provides us an immense help in planning safe dispatch of the consignments.

You will find a lot of forwarding house claiming specialization in the Afghanistan Transit Traffic, but one trial shipment with us will make the difference, in all respects.

Trust the above would give you an immense help in quoting and finalizing the deal with customer, and even then if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Following are the routings for cargo destined to various parts of Afghanistan.

Via Gateway Karachi – Islambad/Rawalpindi – Lahore – Peshawar – Quetta – Kabul.

The nearest Sea Port for import of Cargo into Afghanistan is Karachi, Pakistan.

Pakistan is in the most advantageous position in Afghan Transit Trade, (ATT) where Port of Karachi plays a major role as hinterland port and “GATEWAY” to Afghanistan and Central Asian States, Countries.

There is no rail network in Afghanistan and all trade is conducted by land route from Pakistan and other neighbouring countries. Cargo for Afghanistan in Transit via Pakistan (Karachi /Port) is exempted from Custom Duty and taxes in Pakistan. However, a Special Custom Cell, processes and examines the cargo at Karachi Port.
All cargo i.e. containerized or break-bulk is forwarded by Road from Karachi to the Customs Posts at following location.